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The Eurich Group
Executive Coaching Solutions

Well-delivered coaching delivers a return on investment of between $100,000 and $1 million, with most programs delivering a nearly six-fold ROI. Coaching can be a great investment when a leader:

  • Has leadership potential or a specialized skillset but is getting in his own way.
  • Needs to improve her self-awareness, leverage her strengths and understand her weaknesses.
  • Is new to his role or to the organization.
  • Needs to improve her emotional intelligence, communication style, or stress management skills.
  • Is completing a challenging and highly visible assignment.

Our Packages

  • Executive Coaching: C-suite leaders, presidents, executive directors, SVPs, and VPs who need to supercharge their contributions.
  • Executive Assimilation: C-suite leaders, presidents, executive director, SVPs, and VPs who are new to the company and need to significantly shorten their “time to contribution.”
  • High Potential Coaching: Managers and directors who are the future super-stars of your company.

Our Process


  1. Proprietary model: We use Bankable Leadership, an actionable, research-based framework based on Tasha’s New York Times best-selling book by the same name. It has transformed thousands of leaders.
  2. More impact in less time: We coach efficiently—if you’re dependent on us, we’ve failed. Most of our coaching delivers dramatic results in 4 to 9 months, and ends by transferring ongoing support.
  3. Better data: Self-awareness is foundational to coaching. While most consultants use numeric 360s (“I got a 4 on teamwork! What does that mean?”), we complete in-depth interviews with your supervisor, direct reports, peers, and stakeholders to truly understand your strengths, opportunities, and challenges.
  4. Better probability for success: We help you set realistic goals. While it’s tempting to change everything, we help you focus on one improvement at a time. That’s the best way for busy leaders to succeed!
  5. Accountability for change: Instead of crossing our fingers and hoping that change happens, we conduct regular progress updates with your supervisor, peers, and direct reports to make sure that change is actually happening—and is being sustained over time.