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Executive Assessment Solutions

For executives, the cost of failure is astronomical. Most companies hire and promote leaders based on their prior performance or demonstrated potential—but often, the things that derail them are things no one sees until they’re promoted. What if you could have this data before that decision is made?

Executive assessment helps you make fact-based talent decisions. Instead of relying on subjective impressions, we measure objective criteria so you can hire and promote the right people.

When to Choose Executive Assessment

  • External Hires: To select the right person for high-risk C-level, president, executive director, or SVP roles.
  • Internal Promotions: To assess readiness for high-risk C-level, president, executive director, SVP roles.
  • Succession Planning: To identify successors for key leadership positions in the organization.

Our Process


  1. Art and science: Our academic credentials allow us to offer assessments most consultants can’t (decision making, learning ability, financial acumen, critical thinking, business-related personality traits, leadership style). Equally important, our knowledge allows us to synthesize and interpret the data in a sophisticated, nuanced way, rather than an overly simplistic view, which is common with other providers.
  2. Decision support: We create a one-page summary for decision makers that includes results, academic achievements, performance, goals, strengths, development areas, and leadership style; each report contains a recommendation for hire or promotion, analyzes unique risk factors, and provides suggestions for mitigating these risks.
  3. Candidate feedback: Many assessment providers don’t share results with candidates, who miss the opportunity for growth and development. We provide verbal feedback and a one-page developmental report to the candidate (note: we share qualitative data only, and never scores themselves).
  4. Support for success: Because assessment data shed light on what the candidate must do to be successful upon hire, we work with you to create a specific development plan based on the results—this ensures the person is focusing on the highest value actions and making the biggest impact right away.