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The Eurich Group
Leadership Development Programs

Companies with effective leaders boast greater employee engagement, customer satisfaction, revenue, and market share. But research says 50% of leaders are ineffective, and many organizations don’t do much to help their leaders succeed. They often promote the best individual contributors and throw them in to sink or swim. Developing capable leaders requires a serious and sustained commitment.

The Eurich Group has been building leadership development programs for more than a decade—and we’ve transformed thousands of leaders. Our fresh, practical approach can help almost any leader produce results and foster a healthy work environment.

Our Programs

  • High Potential: Programs designed to supercharge the future superstars of your company.
  • Leader of Leaders: Programs designed to develop your managers and directors.
  • Frontline Leaders: Programs designed to grow the leaders who supervise frontline employees.

Our Process


  1. True customization: Many companies buy “plug and play” programs only to be disappointed by the lack of results. Our leadership programs are based on cutting-edge research and practice, but each is designed to advance your company’s specific strategy and unique culture.
  2. Business-related skills: Leadership training delivers returns only when it targets a company’s unique needs and leadership behaviors needed to move your business forward—we help you define the specific leadership skills your company needs to succeed. Those skills become the “DNA” of the program.
  3. Targeted levels: To maximize our clients’ ROI, we design our solutions around the needs of each leadership level. Each level of leadership (frontline, mid-level, high potential) must learn different skills, behaviors and values.
  4. Flexible delivery: Every client has different needs, and we design our programs to fit your world. After we design a program, we can either deliver it ourselves or train you to deliver it internally.