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The Eurich Group Builds Awesome Leaders, Teams and
Organizations to Help You Drive Success at Multiple Levels
Building Awesome Leaders
First, the good news: According to decades of research, leadership drives employee productivity and business performance. Companies with effective leaders boast greater employee engagement, customer satisfaction, revenue, and market share.
Now, the bad news: 50% of leaders are ineffective, and many organizations don’t do much to help their leaders succeed. They often promote the best individual contributors and throw them in to sink or swim. A two-day seminar on “Being Courageous” or “Visualizing Success” does not a leader make. And sink or swim is not a plan. Developing capable leaders requires a serious and sustained commitment.
The Eurich Group has more than a decade of experience helping companies build awesome leaders. We do this primarily through robust leadership development programs and results-based executive coaching. To maximize our clients’ ROI, we design our solutions around the needs of each leadership level. We find that executives benefit most from individualized development, whereas development at other levels (frontline leaders, mid-level leaders) allows for greater economies of scale.

Our Leadership Solutions

Building Awesome Teams
Teams are everywhere in organizations, and rightfully so. The best teams drive growth in revenue, quality, commitment, productivity, and customer satisfaction.
But not all groups are teams, and not all teams are productive. Without drumming up memories for which you need a therapist, think briefly about the worst team you’ve been a part of. More than likely, actions weren’t coordinated, goals were conflicting, and politics prevailed. You might have even seen the dreaded “meeting after the meeting,” where the team paired off and told each other what they really thought. Do we have that right? It’s OK—there’s another way.
The Eurich Group builds awesome teams using a no-nonsense, practical approach—we’ve helped dozens of teams supercharge both their relationships and business results. Rest assured, we aren’t about “hug and cry” activities like trust falls or ropes courses. Although these things can be fun, they don’t do a whole lot to impact your business. All of our programs are designed to deliver immediate and powerful results.

Our Solutions

  • New Team Acceleration: For new teams that need to get on the same page.
  • Executive Team Acceleration: For existing teams (or teams with new leaders) that want to strengthen their performance and relationships.
  • Team Conflict Resolution: For teams where trust and collaboration are in short supply, conspiracy theories prevail, and it’s hurting your business.

Our Process


  1. We’re obsessed with results: A process is only as good as its outcomes. Many consultants are fanatical about their methodology; we choose to be fanatical about your business results—and design our process to specifically target the outcomes you want to achieve.
  2. We design each event from the ground up: When it comes to opportunities, challenges, and goals, no two teams are ever the same. While some consultants peddle generic programs (“The 5 Magic Steps for Team Development!”), we create customized events that are tailored to your unique culture, needs, and challenges.
  3. We don’t make you hug and cry: Long ago, some consultant decided that trust falls and ropes courses helped teams—but evidence of this is sparse, and teams that invest in these activities are usually disappointed. We build approaches that powerfully build relationships and results—but don’t require therapy (or a trip to the ER) afterwards.
  4. Our experience tells us that team development isn’t over when the event it over—it’s just the beginning! If desired, we can partner with you after your event to provide concrete suggestions and support to sustain your team’s progress.
Building Awesome Organizations
In the 1990s, the US Army Post-War College coined a term to describe our ever changing world: VUCA, which stands for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. It wasn’t long before organizations adopted this term as well. It’s no wonder! Just look at the original list of Fortune 500 Companies—fewer than 50% of those organizations exist today. The law of business is to change or disappear.
What must companies do to successfully navigate this VUCA world? Smart executives focus on the four building blocks of organizational success: business strategy, leadership, culture, and systems—and take an active role in driving them. Think of each ingredient as a one leg of a stool—if a leg breaks, you won’t be sitting down for long.
With more than a decade of experience, The Eurich Group helps organizations articulate their strategy, build their leadership bench, manage the people side of M&As and culture change, and drive employee performance.

How We Build Awesome Organizations

Our Solutions

  • Leadership Strategy and Succession Planning: Ensure you have leaders with the right skills in the right place at the right time to advance your business. Helpful if you lack bench strength or want more proactively grow your company through your people.
  • Strategic Planning: Ensure you have a strategy to compete. Helpful if you need to hone your vision or direction, analyze your company/industry, or identify your business drivers.
  • M&A People Integration: Ensure you successfully integrate new groups brought together by mergers, acquisitions, or restructuring. Helpful if goals, cultures, or processes are different, or if those who are affected are showing signs of resistance.
  • Organizational Development: Ensure your people are positioned for maximum organizational performance while adapting to a changing business environment. Helpful if success requires a change in attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, structures, reward systems, or strategy.


  1. Technical Expertise: With PhD-level expertise, we bring technical knowledge that few can match. But we’re not ivory tower academics—we’ve worked with organizations for more than a decade, and have the results to prove it.
  2. Client Partnership: Typically, when consultants descend upon clients and tell them what to do, they rarely provide practical answers. We believe that you have the best solutions to your problems—we use our expertise to help you unearth and refine them.
  3. Results Focus: Organizational development can feel squishy or vague (what does a “culture of performance” really mean?). We pair systems-thinking with a specific, behavioral approach to change.
  4. People Focus: Change is difficult—especially with management edicts of “You must do this.” We help get buy-in by appreciating the human side of change, and remembering that those closest to the customer know the most.
Tasha Works With Organizations In These Industries
What Makes The Eurich Group Awesome?
We are a credible business partner
Whether we are working with executives to understand their business needs, simplifying research or dispelling HR jargon, our clients note that we are different from other consultants because we are business people first.
We build our solutions around your needs, not the other way around
Rather than focusing on activities or inputs, we begin with the business results you want to achieve (like increasing sales effectiveness or market share) and build truly customized solutions that get you there.
We care as much about practical solutions as cutting-edge science
It doesn’t matter if an organization has the “fanciest” process or strategy available—the rubber really meets the road when you implement it. Our ultimate measure of success is whether our clients are successful after we have left!
We have an unquenchable belief in the potential of people
Our energy and passion are often noted as key factors in our success. We approach people problems from a place of abundance—in our experience (and researchers agree), organizations achieve the best results when they find and unlock potential.
Awesome Results
“I am thrilled with the results that Tasha has produced for my executive team over the past year. Tasha designed a retreat that supercharged both our relationships and results. She took the time to understand our business challenges and created a session to specifically address what our team needed to do to overcome them. She also designed what was for me personally, one of the best feedback opportunities I’ve had in my career. Just one year later, our revenue has increased by 20%.”
President, Destination Hotels and Resorts
“I can honestly say that there has been no person in the last ten years that has had the impact of Tasha Eurich. She has changed the face of leadership development and training in our organization. The value of her ‘product’ is beyond compare.”
VP of Human Resources, HCA
“Tasha is our ‘facilitator of choice’ whenever we need help with anything. She has an uncanny ability to bring diverse points of view together to develop a cohesive vision, and to see both the forest AND the trees – keeping things at a high level while also getting into the nitty-gritty details enough to help formulate tangible action plans.”
Chief Communications Officer & Corporate Director, CH2M HILL
“Tasha has been instrumental for us to understand our own internal, organizational issues. She navigated us towards a better structure and we are a better organization thanks to her.”
CEO, CPP Wind Engineering Consultants
The Eurich Group
Coaching Solutions
Well-delivered coaching delivers a return on investment of between $100,000 and $1 million, with most programs delivering a nearly six-fold ROI. Not too shabby, right?

What does coaching do for leaders?

  • They’re more self-aware.
  • They’re more effective.
  • They build better relationships.
  • They’re more promotable.

What does coaching do for organizations?

  • Their employees are more productive.
  • Their employees are more engaged.
  • Their employees don’t jump ship.
  • Their business performs better.

But here’s the truth: Coaching is not the solution to every leadership challenge. Immediately fire any consultant who tells you otherwise. Coaching can be a great investment when a leader:

  • Has leadership potential or a specialized skillset but is getting in his own way.
  • Needs to improve her self-awareness, leverage her strengths and understand her weaknesses.
  • Is new to his role or to the organization.
  • Needs to improve her emotional intelligence, communication style, or stress management skills.
  • Is completing a challenging and highly visible project.

Our Coaching Packages:

  • Executive Coaching: C-suite leaders, presidents, executive directors, SVPs, and VPs who need to supercharge their contributions.
  • Executive Assimilation: C-suite leaders, presidents, executive director, SVPs, and VPs who are new to the company and need to significantly shorten their “time to contribution.”
  • High Potential Coaching: Managers and directors who are the future super-stars of your company.

Our Coaching Process:

Why Our Coaching is Awesome:

  1. Proprietary model: We use Bankable Leadership, an actionable, research-based framework for leadership success based on Tasha’s New York Times best-selling book by the same name. We’ve used it to transform thousands of leaders.
  2. More impact in less time: Our goal is to coach clients for as little time as possible—if we’ve made you dependent on us, we’ve failed. Most of our coaching relationships deliver dramatic results in between 4 and 9 months, and end with a process to transfer ongoing support to the coachee’s boss or mentor.
  3. Better data: Because self-awareness is foundational to successful coaching, we give you tons of specific data. While most consultants use numeric 360s (“I got a 4 on teamwork! Wait… what does that mean?”), we engage in an in-depth interview process with the coachee’s supervisor, direct reports, peers, and other stakeholders to truly understand their strengths and weaknesses—and what they should be doing differently.
  4. Better probability for success: We help our clients set realistic goals. While it’s tempting to change one’s entire approach, we work with you to focus on one behavioral improvement at a time. It is far better to make progress on one thing at a time than little to no progress on five things all at once.
  5. Accountability for change: Instead of crossing our fingers and hoping that a coachee changes, we conduct regular progress updates with their supervisor, peers, and direct reports to make sure that change is actually happening—and is being sustained over time.
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The Eurich Group
Leadership Programs

If you ask most CEOs whether or not developing their leaders is important, they will enthusiastically agree. But if you ask them how well their company is doing at it, they might clear their throat and awkwardly try to change the subject. In today’s competitive business environment, leadership is as difficult as it is important.

The Eurich Group has been building leadership development programs for more than a decade—and we’ve transformed thousands of leaders. Our fresh, practical approach can help almost any leader become BANKABLE—producing results while fostering a healthy work environment.

Our Leadership Development Programs:

  • High Potential: Programs designed to supercharge the future superstars of your company.
  • Leader of Leaders: Programs designed to develop your managers and directors.
  • Frontline Leaders: Programs designed to grow the leaders who supervise frontline employees.

How We Build Our Programs:

Why Our Leadership Programs are Awesome:

Though all of our leadership programs are based on cutting-edge research and practice, each program is designed from the ground up. Many companies buy “plug and play” leadership programs only to be disappointed by the lack of results. For goodness sake, stop spending money on programs that don’t work! Leadership training delivers returns only when it targets a company’s unique needs and leadership behaviors needed to move your business forward—we help you define your company’s specific leadership needs—and those needs become the “DNA” of your leadership program.

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