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How do you know you need Tasha?
  1. Your team needs a kick in the productivity pants.
  2. You need a kick in the productivity pants.
  3. Your key talent is fleeing faster than a prairie fire with a tailwind.
  4. Your concerns about your company’s future keep you (and anyone else there with you) up at night.
  5. You’ve considered bribery to improve your team’s morale.
  6. You’re sick of constantly picking up the slack for your team.
  1. You’re at the end of your rope with a few problem employees (queue “The Shining” soundtrack).
  2. You’re the new kid in town, but your employees have more respect for the New Kids on the Block.
  3. You want your boss’s job, but figuring out how to get it is like reading a rocket ship schematic (unless you know how to do that, in which case, it’s like…something else really hard).
  4. You know, quite clearly, that you could stand to be a MORE AWESOME leader.


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Who is Tasha?
“Tasha is one of the sharpest, most poised individuals I've worked with. Her hallmark is her exceptional intelligence, yet that is complemented well by her thoughtful, pragmatic, professional approach to her work. Also, she has quickly gained an impressive breadth of experience in her career which, combined with her skills and style, makes her a rare asset as a consultant.”
“Tasha is brilliant, exceptionally professional, focused, organized, a great communicator and on top of all of this she is still one of the most amiable people that I know. I have never encountered a working partner who did not think that Tasha was absolutely amazing. She is the kind of high potential star that companies dream of finding!”